Happy birthday poems

How wonderful is this day,
I congratulate you from heart,
Today is your birthday!
And I wish you a cool start.

Let all dreams come true,
Let all problems disappear,
Let perfect fate love you,
Love, prosperity are near!

Many precious gifts, fun and smiles,
I want to wish you today,
Let your life become exciting,
God blessing you in your birthday!

On your birthday I wish for you luck,
Love, money, health — you deserve.
May your life be without any muck,
And your way be straight, not curve.

May the best of your past
Be the worst of your future,
The time is passing so fast,
Enjoy every detail of creature.

Your birthday came today,
I wish you never give up,
Always be strong and brave,
Even if you fell down — stand up.

I wish you to have a fire
Only on your birthday cake,
And all the people you admire
Be beside you. Here are your gifts — come and take.

May the sun always shine for you
In good and bad times.
May all your wishes come true,
Don’t repeat the mistakes twice.

I wish to see the smile on your face,
May you get an Angel’s embrace.
And also I wish you a wisdom
To be rich and solve any problem.

Happy Birthday, it’s your party —
Family and friends with you.
You are wise and kind-hearted,
Let your hearty dreams come true.

Wish you sunny days and smiles,
With sincere men in life.
Let your life be healthy always, —
It’s the most solemn prize.

I have come to you with presents,
Happy Birthday, happy day!
We’ll be near any moments,
Let us plan your holiday.

Let we make delicious dishes,
Call some friends and close men.
All these dreams and lovely wishes,
All for you, just laugh again.

“Happy birthday to you!”, — this mail is for you.
I’m writing to congratulate
The best person with this date.
Let me tell you pleasant words,
Like cheerful twittering of birds.
Today I’d like to wish you joy and luck,
I hope your troubles will come unstuck.
On this nice and splendid day,
Say “Goodbye!” to troubles and dismay.

“Happy Birthday!”, — I’m saying,
Today my feelings I’m displaying.
To my best and bosom friend,
Our friendship will never end.
May your life be full of happiness,
Never mind your foes’ cruel wittiness.
Smile your troubles to the face,
Then you’ll fell the fortune embrace.
Stay the person, who you are,
And make a wish under a lucky star.

I’m happy today because it’s your B-day,
So let me present you with a wonderful bouquet.
These flowers will show you
My wholehearted feeling,
May come true the dreams that you’re so willing.
May all your business be successful,
May all your days be fortunate and restful!

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